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Giusy & Vincenzo's Wedding - Explosion of joy in the magical Syracuse - reportage style

Both of them are among the most relaxed and easygoing couple I had  ever shot. To be their photographer was a extreme pleasure. Me and my Partner approached the shooting in a very journalistic way since the couple did not want any interruption nor poses, even-though a while later we started playing with all their friends and the surrounding.


The atmosphere  enabled us to become part of the party and shoot more intimate and candid pictures. 



Giusy’s wedding was the first of this beautiful season and also my first Italian wedding in Sicily . I had worked mainly abroad and decided I wanted to be back home for a while... And here I am in this beautiful country doing what I like the most: capturing emotion and share my passion.


Recently also my partner decided to move to Sicily ( is it me or the Island? ) in order to be able to shoot together. Wildest Harmony was born with the idea of merging our passions and love and Giusy’s wedding was the beginning of a new beautiful life! … I simply Love what I do!


What was in My Bag?


For this wedding i decided I wanted to go wide. Giusy did not like portrait and the way she would move Did not allow me to focus on her beauty. The same with Vincenzo. I needed to be among them to be able to capture the best shots


I had always a 35mm 1.4 Amazing lens, on a 5D Mark III - Most of these pictures are with this combination.

70 200 on a 5d Mark II -  just for the church ( can’t seat with them there !:P)

24 70 2.8 unbeatable beast on My partner’s 6D ( she is small and this lens is huge in her hand!) 

10 24 with my fuji .. incredible wide and sharp glass

50mm a classic in wedding photo

I had also a couple of flashes rarely used and external led light for the dances … The sun and a couple of windows lights made the rest.




From Sunita


Todays  featured of a cool couple of Giusy and where me and Roberto shot in the most beautiful part of the world Syracuse, Sicily. Our excitement begin night before the Wedding day where we had our briefing and preparing our gears for the day.   Sun beaming down, sun-glasses on, sun protection in and most importantly our special guns on us, 5dmark iii5dmark ii6D and Fujiflim xt1 all ready to shoot for the day.


Not forgetting to mentioned that Wildest Harmony love's to dress up to the occasion. Blending in with the guest at the wedding makes our shooting intimate and connected. 


We begin our shooting at the Bride's home, which is when I met Giusy for the 1st time and immediately took a great like to her. She had a relaxed and exciting outlook that made our shooting fun and versatile. After our shoots here we jump into our "Cubo" and headed down to as Roberto would describe it as the most beautiful square I've ever seen. The main square of Syracuse where the Municipality and the wedding took place. Elegant looking interior of the registry hall, so magnificent. I was surprised how beautiful a Registry hall can actually look?! Fingers on the on the button ready to click the most important day of Giusy and Vincenzo


Sipping on the famous spritzer, laughers and a special train dance leading by the coolest Bride trough Syracuse famous historically Square  " Duomo " while me and Rooberto shot the Special uplifting moment.


Needless to say Wedding day is a never ending celebration, we moved on to the Hotel Kayamari to continue the this memorial day. 

To sum it up I would say this is what make our shooting different as we begin this day as weeding Photographers ending the day as people who was apart witnessing a special day trough our eyes and hearts. Goal Achieved :) Best Wishes to the cool couple Giusy and Vincenzo


From the Bride, Giusy


It was a great pleasure to have Roberto and Sunita as a reporter of my wonderful day : from invisible  photographers to engaging accomplices !

They managed to capture the spontaneity of our gestures in each picture . They represented only real emotions , which emerge with the same intensity every time we look at  those photos