Sabato, 18 Aprile 2015 18:20

Hotel and SPA Photography in pure spontaneous - content creating - wildest way - shooting for uk

Another Amazing shooting for those nice guys of

We started the collaboration last year with one of the best job I have ever had, travel commercial photography around London and now we worked together again! It was a easy but tricky assignment. Hotel and spa but in a more travel and spontaneous way.




I needed to convey high quality story telling pictures to be used in commercial but  also though for social ( facebook , instagram , twitter ) 

I needed to tell stories as if I was using the facilities but in a professional way. Combining both spontaneity and high understanding of lighting and composition. I needed to think social, to deliver immediate stories and make the people feel like “ i wanna be there” , “let’s get a holiday”. 




Branding and high impact images are essential for the life and growth of a business

and i am glad relays on my photography skills investing in high quality, creative, unique content. 

To add a hint of marvel to this job, It was the first time Me and Sunita shot together in UK :) a really good starting point!