Mercoledì, 14 Gennaio 2015 16:05

Julia and Brad’s wedding from California to scicli - Sicily - reportage style photography

Sicily is one of the most beautiful destination to go for your honeymoon. Incredible scenarios,  sipping on a lovely glass of Red Wine while enjoying the view of the sea  , Romantic walks in the evening, with the surrounding of warm and welcoming population. But what if you decide to get married in this fabulous  island and you are coming from California with all your friends?
That was exactly the situation of my last wedding shoot in Sicily. A beautiful and cheerful couple contacted me from California  and their plans of the wedding excited me. This lovely couple fell in love with Sicily on their trip and made a instant decision to get married in this astonishing Sicilian Village in the countryside call Scicli hidden away from Tourist - The kind of place where you go and get food and wine in a typical small shops run by smiley Sicilian old ladies and wrinkly men.


 The photography arrangement was quite easy. They wanted a reportage style photography service and looking at various website they found me and my pictures. Sicily is not known for great story - tellers wedding photographers. Unfortunately the old beliefs  still prevail have a photography approach bonded to a more posed, traditional, print base kind of job. They did not want this !


Once I arrived at the hotel I was shocked by the beauty and characteristic of the place. The building called Palazzo Hedone is a stylish and elegant group(of nice apartment with terraces and pool facing the old baroque city of Scicli.
The all family came over and they all enjoyed the beauty and atmosphere they plunged in. Relax and fun were the only 2 things that matter. Even though most of the family and friends needed to deal with the loss of their luggage's, everybody was still cheerful to share this fantastic moment with Brand and Julia.
The shooting was smooth , no rush , no priest running after us, no a real schedule to follow. When I saw them I immediately appreciated their beauty. Two Hollywood Actors! I wanted to capture the best of them!

The ceremony was held at the same place, Brad’s Dad proclaimed the two lovers husband and wife and a passionate kiss followed along with the rising and cheerful congratulations.
Immediately after we went for a couple of photos, but it was getting dark and they wanted to join the party so I tried to be quick and focused) even though the beauty of the place was pleading me to get more and more.


My goal during a celebration is to be invisible. to get to the point that my camera does not affect the surrounding. How do I achieve this? I think it’s all about understanding how to tell stories without being invasive. You need to be constantly focus and ready to catch the fleeting moments. Camera ready, big smile and calmness. In wedding photography as well as journalism you need to foresee the events and be ready to catch the Decisive moment. The moment when Mind, Camera and Heart align creating a great and emotional shot.
I am honoured to have been the photographer for such a great couple and being able to mingle with their beautiful and crazy friends!
Sicily has proved to be a welcoming and perfect place to spend one of the most beautiful day of your life.
Brad and Julia is a explosive couple who lives in California and decided after the wedding to move to London to start their new life together. London indeed was the place were they received their photos since Wildest Harmony operates in both UK and Sicily.
The equipment I used for the wedding was:
- canon 5d mark 3
- canon 7d
- 24 70 2.8
- 50 1.4
- 70 200 2.8
- 35 1.4