Lunedì, 03 Ottobre 2016 16:09

I simply love wedding photography

Photography is my way to say Thanks to the surrounding world. It's my praise to life. It's a responsibility. I am a "out there" Photographer specialised in Extreme shots, story telling photography and commercial, why than do I shoot Wedding?

I got asked this question several times and my answer is still the same, I simply because I Love Wedding Photography! As Unusual as It may sounds for a Hyper active, nomad photographer, Wedding Photography is the essence of emotional the 


 When I shoot weddings the atmosphere is filled with passion, love, joy, emotions.To be able to capture all that is an immense privilege. Wedding photography is a beautiful challenge. Every time I need to fully understand the people I am taking pictures of, comprehend their needs and fears and adapt my way of taking pictures. Wedding photography is about trust, love, psychology and absolutely flawless photography capabilities. Emotions need to be conveyed through  powerful shots


Awareness, sensitivity, perceptions are essential but that'st not enough. Wedding photography needs to combine all that with a personal style, absolutely impeccable technique and mastery of  photography skills. 


When I shoot wedding i feel responsible of my client's memories. Upon photography lays the concept of eternity. We are not "just" taking photos o pushing a button. We are preserving memories, capturing eternal Emotion, seizing moments which will never return. 


Photography is My way to contribute to somebody else life.