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Martina & Filippo - Love Exist ! and stronger than ever!

I want to share the reason why I feel passionate about wedding photography. 


This wedding holds a special bond to me as it give's me a hint of shiver when I look back at the pictures. 

We start this stunning day in a stunning city, Syracuse,Sicily. I have shot in Syracuse a few time's, the weather and atmosphere has never fail to astonish me.


MArtina e Filippo1 3


Stepping into Martina's home, by being there for a few minute's had a strong impact on how my day's shooting was going to turn out! It was a rush of excitement and emotions that slowly creep into me, realising that I was feeding of the energy I was receiving from her and her family.  


The energy was running high at Martina's home, her step father singing dancing all around the house, her mother had a constant smile on her face which I wouldn't be surprised if she had a Jaw ache the next day! hahaha..


martina filippo wedding 19


Martina shared her love story and soon I understood from where I felt this deep sense of passion and love coming from. She and Filippo had been together for a long time yet the love was shinning trough her eye's with that shy soft bridal smile, seemed like they only met yesterday.


The moment they both walked out of the registry hall, every kiss, every eye contact that they shared was just unspoken word's of true love. Holding each others hand warmly trough out the day.

This is why I love being a Wedding Photographer!! The passion The love and the great memories that I hold responsibility to delivering provide's a sense of pride to my job. 

I solely thank Roberto for making this experiences possible for me. We work in harmony together driven by passion which make's Wildest Harmony Special.


It is not only Expensive Gears, number of year's spent in the industry with a good eye that make's a good Wedding Photographer.  The capability to feel and share other people's emotions allows you to see trough their eye's and that make's a Great Wedding Photographer.


Wedding such as  Martina and Filippo fills my heart with joy and faith in LOVE. We wish them all the best in their bright future.


martina filippo wedding 39


His & Her's Equipments

5D Mark III X 2


Fuji XT1





17- 40mm

Fujifilm 27 mm

Fujifilm 10 - 24mm


Some shots :)