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Nothing Else Matter - Annalisa & Giovanni - The Elegant Flair


When Annalisa and Giovanni came into my office they told me they wanted something simple, elegant and not posed.

Discussing about their wedding day they began to intrigue me. They would have a live band, they would have the Mass in a cave and Giovanni asked me if I could also help him with a metallica photo album, his favorite band and one of my top list.


It Was a Wedding I could not miss





Anna and Giovanni are a cheerfull and  strongly bond couple and  they managed to organize a alternative yet elegant Wedding


The first part of the photo shoot took place at the groom's home. Giovanni was surrounded by Metallica album and friends with whom he shared many of their concert. The house of Anna's parents was a perfect location to get  some good shots of the bride. Annalisa in her beautiful dress was splendid. She was so happy that it seamed like she was fluctating without touching the ground.


annamaria matrimonio siracusa wedding photography 45


The Wedding Ceremony location was the Holy Cave's Church which added a fary tale taste to the wedding.
This was a tiny church carved into the rock,  besides being a great background it was a perfect escape from the sultry Sicilian summer. One of the phrases that the priest repeated and that has impressed me was

" you must compete for who givest the most compliments "



After the church we headed toward the heart of Siracusa, Ortigia.  


They did not want to pose so I left them being themself. I was waiting for the flow of emotions  overwhelming them in order to get the tenderness and love. All I did was just to help the couple to choose the place to be and I would do the rest.

After a while thir eyes started meeting each other and the stream of love and passions came along.. such a A beautiful couple.




Once we were done with the pictures we went to tenuta Pupillo, Siracusa, a high class venue. Elegant and refined 


During dinner we focus on shooting ( friendly! :P ) the firends. The dinner has been delighted by a fantastic rock band - their  heavy music was much more mellow for the occasion, giving a touch of brilliant style.


The cuople opened the dances with  Nothing Else Matter by Metallica,  a passional Ballad , very different from the usual slow dances but nevertheless amazing and stylish , creating a firm loving and passionate atmosphere.


We were honored to be the photographers of such a wedding! Good luck dear Annalisa e Giovanni!!





Canon 5D mark III

2 Canon 6D 

2 24-70mm L

17-40mm L


Sigma art 35mm

Fujifilm 27mm

Fujifilm 10-24

Fujifilm XT1 





From the Bride:


A wonderful group, engaging, professional and approachable. I felt comfortable from the very beginning to the end.  the knew how to seize the spontaneous moments, details, the real ones! It was exactly what we needed an with d Robert and Sunita of Wildest Harmony we found it. It 'was a wonderful day. We recommend Wildest Harmony 100% !!!


From Sunita:


Another great for a wedding day in Syracuse! The pleasure given to me to shoot in this beautiful place for the wonderful couple Anna and John. The normality of shooting in the grooms and bride home were different for Anna & John.


Both possessed colourful and happy character that shone trough their warm laughters. We had the pleasure of photographing the wild charm of the groom, his room filled with Metallica posters and Cd’s of heavy metal with half empty bottle of JD Whiskey before moving to the tenderness of the bride.


We arrive to the bride’s home where we meet the sweet hearted person Annalisa, here we manage captured a meamerising and magical pictures of her looking gorgeous in her Wedding dress.


The lighting with great background in her home work to our great advantage while getting the chance to be introduce to her mom & dad along with her extended family that travelled all the from America for this important day.


Jumping into our Kubo with pumping music we head down to this very authentic church called Grota Santa which mean Holy Cave Church, the Church is build inside a actual cave. This is one of many many reason what make’s shooting Weddings in Syracuse, Sicily magical and special. I manage to to get Roberto to explained a few things that was mentioned buy the Priest advising this newly Wed Couple, and one of it stick to my mind. He said that we should be in competition fighting to compliments to each other at all time’s! 


Overall this was great Wedding to shoot combination of  a lovely couple, great location, funny & cheerful guest with awesome music in the background. 


Few Picture from the wedding