Lunedì, 07 Settembre 2015 20:33

The simple beauty - The lovely Valeria & Tommaso Wedding story

Almost at the end of a long but really rewarding wedding  photography day my dear assistant Damian asked me:


"Roby, why are all your weddings always so fun and different?"

 It almost seems that you pick the couples to photograph. "


A beautiful observation which was the cherry on the top of a  as spontaneous as  elegant wedding.


Whenever I shoot weddings, I realize how much I love my job and how lucky I am to actually be able to do what I enjoy and satisfy me the most .

My weddings are fun and different simply because we believe  in photography. Our duty is to tell stories, excite, seize moments and become part of what you are shooting.




In a sense, our style is like a magnet that attracts a certain type of couples and this means that each of our wedding is unique and special.

I always say that if I  wasn’t a photographer i should start working 


Valeria and Thomas are a cheerful and lively couple , bursting with love at every glance and they are also parents of two little creatures that contributed to make the wedding even more exciting.

I would define this marriage in Syracuse:

A day of Simple Beauty



The images we shot  tell of a family that has decided to crown  in  style and serenity an already proven  love  

Their love toward  their children gave to the shots a sense of harmony and union.


Despite a early start ,  just after lunch, the involvement with the couple and the guests was total. The 12 hours of shooting, racing and working went really quickly. 

The ceremony was followed by a couple of pictures on sea side location and the dinner in the beautiful Borgo Pantano Syracuse.



An episode to tell


The priest of the church of San Paolo in Ortigia greeted us with sympathy by giving us some advice on how to move without disturbing.

At the end of ceremony he asked for a moment of silence using his calm and gentle a tone to draw the attention : "I'd like to congratulate Valeria and Thomas, not just for the choice of the dress, the venue of the ceremony and so on. I would like to congratulate them for their choice of photographers. "


At these words Damiano and I could not understand whether it was a massive reprimand or a actual  eulogy.

The priest carried on, "They were two invisible  photographers who did a great job and never stop nor disturb the ceremony “ and he ended claiming a Applause"

All the guests began to clap their hands and we did not know how to react!




By now I'm madly in love with this combination:


canon 6d + 35mm

Fujifilm xt1 10 24mm

Canon 5D Mark III with 70 200 2.8


we were looking for Spontaneous and never directed shots. No use of external lights needed

I wish Valeria, Thomas and their two beautiful children  all the happiness of this world.



Few shots from the wedding