Martedì, 09 Dicembre 2014 11:51

Wildest Harmony is Online!

Wildest Harmony is online! We are proud to announce our new website. Wildest comes from the idea of having more than a portfolio online. Wildest has become a style. Our wedding photographs and hotel shooting have been appreciated in Italy, Syracuse, Sicily, Cyprus (where we worked for 5 Seasons as Wedding Photographers) , UK, London ( constantly shooting for known brands such as ) . We wanted to create something different and we followed our instincts.


Our Photography is unmistakable, unforgettable, elemental as earth,Ice, Water, Fire and Air. A quintessence, pure spirit and emotions.Wildest Harmony is specialized in Weddings, Hotel's and Portrait'sPhotography in London, UK and Syracuse, Sicily, Italy. Feelings, emotions,sense of beauty, elegance, harmony those are the elements composingour photography. We believe in photography as storytelling. OurReportage style combined with the highest technology, updatedknowledges and our inner sixth sense make Wildest Harmony unique.To photograph means aligning the heart, brain and camera at the rightmoment and place. It is a carousel of elements, harmonies and wildnesswisely shaped and seized by photographers.Whether it is a wedding or a hotel, Wildest Harmony tries to capture theessence of the moment and the spaces - making Wildest Harmony the rightchoice for those who understand the power of Images, Photographs and Memories.