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Our Photography is Unmistakable, Unforgettable and as Elemental as Earth, Ice, Water, Fire and Air. It’s quintessence is of pure spirit and emotions. Wildest Harmony is specialised in Weddings, Hotel and Portrait Photography in London, UK and Syracuse (Sicily, Italy). Feelings, Emotions, Sense of Beauty, Elegance and Harmony. These are the elements that our photography is composed of. We believe in Photography as storytelling. Our reportage style combined with the highest technology, up to date knowledge and our inner sixth sense make Wildest Harmony unique. To photograph means to align the heart, brain and camera at the right moment and place. It is a carousel of Elements, Harmonies and Wildness wisely shaped and seized by Photographers. Whether it is a Wedding or a Hotel, Wildest Harmony tries to capture the essence of the moment and the spaces making Wildest Harmony the right choice for those who understand the power of Images, Photographs and Memories. Don't waste your time: it is precious and necessary.







Wildest Harmony is the idea of a traveller photographer who loves reportage. After having accomplished a Bachelor’s degree in Photography and a Master’s degree in Photojournalism in the most prestigious school in Europe (LCC London) , Roberto’s skills in portraits, wedding and reportage have been requested from several international photographic companies . Nowadays Roberto travels all over the world thanks to his photographic activities and he is a teacher in Syracuse in his photographic Association called “Slowmotion”. For more than a decade with his pictures he has been telling more than 200 italian and international couples’ stories . Roberto will spread joy in your events and illuminate your rooms with his jocosity. Roberto has a deep passion for his job and is unconditionally in love with the hidden meaning of photography. He’s constantly and spontaneously seeking the crucial moment. His detail-oriented sight combined with years of experience and studies in photography allow him to anticipate and paint memorable scenes with exceptional creativity and delicate touch.